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Team Building
Our professional photographer will capture all your adventures! See the gallery page to purchase your photographs.

Corporate & Team Building

Grow pride, passion and integrity in your office space – go on an adventure together. A well-organized day (or 2) will rejuvenate minds and bodies and bring the people in your office closer together. If you and your colleagues are hungry for fun and the sound of laughter, get out there and make it happen with Green Adventures.

Remember: Adventure encourages risk taking, prompt decision-making, solution initialization, respect for individual differences, and above all, fun!


Who has the makings of a modern day William Tell or Robin Hood? Archery is the steady aim, sure-fire game for everyone wanting the bragging rights of hitting a bull’s-eye in one of the oldest arts still practiced in the world. Using genuine competition re-curve bows with steel tipped arrows and preset sights, participants learn the skills of a master marksman under the guidance of trained instructors. Both young and old, left handed or right, can join in this passive but competitive activity by aiming at large rubber archery buts or challenging each other to a “fun or forfeit” situation where balloons containing lists of activities are shot at. Participants choose to join the fun or to forfeit and run based on the activity in the balloon.

Archery can be selected as a stand-alone half-day activity or as part of an Adventure Zone. Since the archery unit is mobile and the selected environment is pre-secured by Green Adventures, it is a flexible option for various venues hosting corporate and private functions.

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting

Train your trigger finger and compete on a level playing field with this fun, safe and unconventional twist on clay pigeon shooting. This popular activity sees participants of all ages and skills set their sights to the sky to keep their eyes set on the clay pigeon disk released from the conventional clay launcher. Participants then test their speed, concentration and predictive skills by firing a modified shotgun’s high-tech infrared laser beam at the target. While there is no painful recoil of a traditional shotgun, the electronic control scoreboard sets off a shotgun “bang” whenever the trigger is pulled. If your aim is on-target, the sound of a crackling clay pigeon over the scoreboard will signal your success. To be a hundred percent sure that you’ve hit your target, an indicator on the gun instantly tells you whether or not you’ve missed your mark. Ensuring that participants’ team members, supporters and competition can keep an eye on their performance, all players’ scores are displayed on a large electronic scoreboard. Laser clay pigeon shooting’s mobile unit can be quickly set up in built-up areas, or be taken along on weekend teambuilding getaways.

Shop floor assistants get to take on CEOs and friends take on friends as job descriptions make way for a level playing field consisting of between 5 – 100 players and lasting between two hours to a full day. Victory relies on skill, a little bit of luck and heaps of fun!


Ever wondered what it would feel like inside a foosball table? The football soccer arena played on the beach or on grass allows players to become part of a giant inflatable human foosball table surrounded by hilarious laughter and an impressive display of hidden soccer skills. Teams of minimum five players and maximum 10 players a side are positioned to simulate a normal foosball table (a table soccer game). Players are prevented from moving out of their allocated zones by waist level ropes, which means that players have to work together and communicate as a unit to prevent the opposing team from scoring. The winning team, based on goals scored against the opposition, receives the glory and a prize.

The excitement and passion synonymous with the inflatable foosball arena can be experienced as an Adventure Zone activity or as a full foosball tournament day.


The latest, craziest activity to get the adrenaline pumping and the spirits on an all time high is the best possible description of Z-Balling. Participants are strapped inside a giant inflated see-through plastic ball in pairs and rolled down a sand dune or hill, or rolled along the beach or grass for a more passive tumbling experience. Z-Balling can also be taken to a higher level of extreme by adding buckets of water inside the Z-ball after you are strapped in to recreate that washing machine effect.

Z-Balling is undoubtedly a never-to-be-forgotten experience for corporate team buildings or year-end functions or private leisure activities. If ever you wanted to look at the world from a different perspective, Z-Balling is the perfect solution!


Play the well-known classic on grass or sand in teams of minimum four to five players. Name your team and plan your spirited team cheer as you aim to sweep your opponents off the floor with quick stepping footwork and maybe even some aerial manoeuvres. Get the volleyball over the net onto the playing field floor of the opposing side through teamwork and communication and watch your team walk away with the laurels.


A camouflaged warrior with war paint striped across the face leopard crawls through the bush in search of their opposition. This is war – take no prisoners! Paintball is action to the extreme as participants try to eliminate opponents from the game by hitting them with paintballs shot from a compressed gas-powered gun. The non-toxic paintballs burst to leave a paint splatter on a player’s overalls, which in turn starts series of animated recreations of the playing conditions and a comparison of “wounds” in the laughter-filled conversations between players after each game.

4x4 Derby

Let the builder, designer, advertiser, marketer and racing car driver inside you come out in the 4x4 Derby. In 4x4 Derby teams must build, brand and market a remote controlled 4x4 car within two hours. This includes brainstorming a name for your car as well as creating a mini-advertising strategy for an advert that will be videotaped and shown on television for everyone to watch, laugh at, cheer at, or throw popcorn at.

Once teams have built and branded their Ferrari-fast car its time to show what their creation has got under its hood. Teams will race their cars around a track and have only two laps to set up the fastest possible time they can manage. Teams with great support tend to have an edge on the rest, so teams are encouraged to create a team cheer to fire up the engines and make a grand entrance to the racetrack. The team that sets up the fastest lap wins. 4x4 Derby is recommended as part of an Adventure Zone or as a half-day activity.

Sand boarding

Sand boarding is the sunny weather alternative to traditional snow boarding and Port Elizabeth is known as a prime sand boarding venue in South Africa. After being guided by an instructor, participants strap on a sand board to their feet and glide down a sand dune while standing up. Depending on the angle of the sand dune you decide to try your hand at, sand boarding can be a gentle, stress relieving activity in a fun environment, or it can be an extreme adventure that will leave the adrenaline coursing through your veins for hours afterwards. With the eight boards available, sand boarding and Z-balling are often combined for big groups or those with a keen sense for adventure, allowing one group to Z-ball while the other sand boards.

Low Rope Course

At Green Adventures we strive to continually lead the market with the latest in team building challenges. Drawing from the latest in team building challenges currently being used in the USA, we have built a low ropes course at our adventure farm. Based on a series of challenges, each low rope activity requires teamwork and cooperation from all members in the group. Depending on the approach taken by our qualified facilitators, the challenges range from tame to thorny with some challenging physical qualities, and others exercising the mind.
The low rope course offers many benefits including:

• Developing management potential and leadership
• Increasing team spirit and motivation
• Enabling participants to experience a sense of success and adventure
• Creating mutual trust
• Creating camaraderie that binds a team as a unit
• Increasing self-esteem and confidence for individuals and teams
• Improving the ability to take calculated risks and solve problems
• Developing physical coordination
• Providing an extremely fun activity that binds the entire staff.

Adventure Zone

The Green Adventures “Adventure Zone” is an exciting combination of specially selected activities tailored to suit the needs of the client. Adventure Zone activities can be selected by the client or by Green Adventures, based on the size and nature of the group, the available time to complete the activities, as well as the preferred location. With an Adventure Zone option, teams can either be rotated from activity to activity according to a time schedule, or the entire group can complete one activity before moving on to the next.

The Adventure Zone caters for strategic corporate teambuilding weekends to family fun day outings and can be selected to develop certain skills such as strategic thinking and effective communication techniques, while improving the trust and interactivity between individuals.

• Strategic Boxes
• Ezi-Karts
• Bomb disposal
• Potato Launcher
• PGA Air Golf
• G.P.S
• Spider Buckets
• WATER Tubes
• Movie Making
• Plate Therapy
• xhosa spears
• fish tales
• Stretch your imagination
• Green Water cart
• The corporate tower
• egg on your mate
• lava circle
• rowing

Amazing Race (The Real Deal)

The Amazing Race Treasure Hunt/Potjie Kos competition puts a new spin on the idea of “working for your supper” with a fun activity ideal for a year-end function or private party. Teams are pre-selected by Green Adventures and meet at a designated location for their first clue. Once teams receive the first clue the race is on to find the location specified on the clue, pick up an ingredient hidden at the location and find the clue that points them to the next location in the race. As the race progresses, ingredients are collected for a potjie to be made that afternoon or evening. The potjie will serve as the team’s supper, but must also be made to impress since points are scored throughout both the race and the potjie kos competition. The team with the most points at the end of the day win the challenge.


Outwit, outplay and outlast your colleagues in this survival adventure where tribes compete against each other in various pressure situations to be crowned the ultimate Survivor.


We live on an awesome coastline with fantastic beaches. The Eastern Cape has squeeky clean sand to test your skills with various fun activities that can be selected from a long list. The games are played on a rotational basis, or various activities can be played as required. Group sizes vary from 20 - 300 peopleat a cost of R100 - R500 per person/day.
Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism PERCCI SATIB saaci

Accommodation, flights, transport and meals can be arranged for all adventures.
Just give us a call!


Operating from Woodlands Cottages,
on the Bushmans River !!

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PO Box 7971, Newton Park, Port Elizabeth 6055, South Africa.
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