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Leisure Activities
Our professional photographer will capture all your adventures! See the gallery page to purchase your photographs.

Game Capture - A Unique Experience

Don't let the Crocodile Hunter have all the fun. Participate in the tracking, capture and release of giraffe, cheetah, rhino, buffalo, zebra and other animals in the wild. Dr William Fowlds, our wildlife veterinarian, who has years of knowledge and experience with game in the Eastern Cape, will be your guide.

Allow Green Adventures to organise a unique, corporate outing that will bring you closer to nature.
Packages and options:
1. Routine Inspections / Collar transmittor fitting of game

This event is simple to plan and one can forecast an exact day to participate. Various responsibilities are allocated to participants depending on what is required from the vet. Participants: 2 - 10 may be involved
2. Emergency Outings

This is required on call and cannot be planned.
3. Game Capture / Relocation / Counts

A group of animals or a specific species of animal is involved in this procedure and may include only one type of animal or more. Most of this is done on foot, vehicle and helicopter.

Please Note:

These events will take place near Port Elizabeth on various farms, game reserves and depend on their requirements. The "Capture Experience" can be 2 hours to 4 days, depending on the animals and the work required.

Disappointments do happen as we are reliant on the animals. Weather, animal death, difficulty in tracking and complications during darting may add to the disappointments.

The main benefit to being a participant in this type of event is that you are helping your natural environment by:

• Assistance to animal health
• Assistance to the Vet
• Financial assistance to the farmer / reserve to enable this process to occur
• Awareness of animals and the environment

Kayaking & Canoe Trails

Get off the land. Get onto the water. Dip your paddle into adventure and leave the land-lovers behind. Paddle with dolphins along the coast. Enjoy the tranquil estuaries of the Eastern Cape, spotting birds on the riverbank and experience a new world of water.

Mountain Biking

Bash your way through the bundu on mountain bikes. A certain degree of fitness is recommended as areas such as the Baviaanskloof can be challenging.

Sea Cruises, Fishing, Whale & Dolphin Watching, Cage Dives

Get a new perspective offshore. Enjoy the rejuvenating experience of fishing off the Eastern Cape coast, or relax and enjoy the beautiful coastal scenery and possible penguin, whale and dolphin sightings. Trips around St Croix Island are not to be missed. All fishing tackle and refreshments are provided. Do not miss out on the oppourtunity of experiencing an unforgettable caged shark dive! You'll definitely have something to write home about!

Minimum 4 to max 9 for a 2 hour to full day cruise.

Horse Trails

Become one with nature. Saddle-up and enjoy the view of picturesque beaches near Port Elizabeth or the mountainous landscape deep in the bushveld. We cater for the experienced as well as the inexperienced. The trails can be customised to incorporate tree spotting, bird viewing and general wildlife tracking experiences.

Gorge Gliding • Paragliding & Abseiling

Gorge Gliding

Get your adrenaline pumping. Glide 400 metres above the ground along a 150-metre slide. Yes, it is safe! All facilities are designed by international specialists and operated by our trained professional instructors. At 6 000 feet above sea level, the gorge glide over the awe-inspiring valley below is the ultimate high.

Paragliding & Abseiling

This is for the young at heart. Remember you are as young as you feel! Soar the thermals and see the world from a bird's eye view while tandem paragliding with one of our experts. If you prefer to remain closer to the ground, abseil down an easy 6-metre cliff, brave a steeper gradient, or experience the thrill of a 150-metre sheer cliff. Controls supporting your descent ensure maximum safety.

4x4 Adventure Outings

Ain't no way mom's taxi can do this. Break free from bumper to bumper traffic and test your 4x4 off-road skills. Choose from a day course or a weeklong adventure all over South Africa. Our own legendary 4x4 expert, Mr. Trevor van der Riet, will ensure your vehicles and driving skills are put to test and that you get the experience you require. Let us customise your outing to maximise your viewing and extremity in driving.

Environmental, Heritage & Township Tours

Let Green Adventures bring the Eastern Cape's diverse environment and rich heritage to life! Secrets of the region, traditional "Boet & Swaar" stories, settler history, tribal history and many other interesting topics can be planned for short 1 hour to full day discussions.
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Accommodation, flights, transport and meals can be arranged for all adventures.
Just give us a call!


Operating from Woodlands Cottages,
on the Bushmans River !!

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Tel: +27 (0) 46 648 2867
GPS: 33 ̊ 41 . 225 S , 26 ̊ 40 .292 E

Grahamstown Road R343, Kenton-on-Sea, 6191, South Africa.
PO Box 7971, Newton Park, Port Elizabeth 6055, South Africa.
Leisure Activities
Leisure Activities
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